The circle


Circles have no beginning or end. They represent the eternal whole and in every culture are an archetypical form representing the sun, the earth, the moon, the universe, and other celestial objects between. Circles are used to suggest familiar objects such as wheels, balls, many kinds of fruit. They suggest well-roundedness and completeness.

Circles have free movement. They can roll. Shading and lines can enhance this sense of movement in circles. Circles are graceful and their curves are seen as feminine. They are warm, comforting and give a sense of sensuality and love. Their movement suggests energy and power. Their completeness suggests the infinite, unity, and harmony.

Circles protect, they endure, they restrict. They confine what’s within and keep things out. They offer safety and connection. Circles suggests community, integrity, and perfection.


Location: Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi, India

Walk with me…

Take a walk with me on the streets of Delhi. We will search for its soul. We will look beyond the imperfections of its people, see beyond the rude ones, the rule breakers.

We will search for the spirited ones, the ones with stories to share. The ones who have seen the city blossom and have witnessed the heritage rare. Let’s sit amongst the old walls and touch them with compassion. The walls which have stood against the ego of invaders in a calm fashion.

We will talk about the Djinns, the old and the haunted. We will explore the places which remain undaunted. We will take a bite into the food, visiting the streets and the lanes. Smell the fragrance of roadside Chai while photographing the stains.

Take a walk with me on the streets of Delhi and we will eventually find its soul!


Ahmedabad Vadapav trail: Continued

Continuing the Vadapav trail while I spend the ending and the early year in Ahmedabad. Explored another street food outlet here called ‘Karnavati Dabeli & Vadapav’. The place has various outlets across the city, I visited the one in Bapunagar (exact location details at the end).


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The spiciest Vadapav: From the streets of Ahmedabad

Whenever I have visited Ahmedabad, I have never missed a chance to indulge in the street food of this city. Even the smallest cart on the streets will have good quality stuff to offer. They will never compromise on the quality of ingredients used or the whole hearted preparation. Thus even if its small hawker on the streets, I don’t miss a chance to stop and experience it.


The preparation

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Why was I doing it?


While watching the episode of @historytv18 IRT, India’s Deadliest Roads, I remembered my road trip through similar roads. Till date it has been the most breathtaking (literally) of road trips that I have ever done. I recalled driving on the edge of the road. Most of the road was wide enough for only one vehicle, overlooking the deepest cliff on one side and the shattered mountain rocks, waiting to slide, on the other.

There were times when I could see a bus or a truck coming in from the opposite direction and it was best to stop on small patches and let them pass. A decision taken under a second of ego would have resulted in hours long of traffic jams. There were times when I felt, why I was doing it. The thought of turning back crossed my mind, every time I saw a wide section. I wanted to zip past, but one could not drive higher than 15-20 Kms/hour on these roads. I somehow wished the road would end and so would my ordeal.
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Udupi Cafe of ITO: My experience

My Sundays’ generally start early as I head out on the streets of Delhi, exploring and capturing places with my camera. Once I am done photographing, I visit a local eatery and experience its food. I wonder, whether it is the love for photography or the food that makes me wander out so early on a Sunday. This Sunday too, I walked out with a similar agenda.

Once I got done with my ‘sight seeing’, the next agenda was to finalize a place to have breakfast. It was 11 AM and most of the breakfast special eateries were up and running. Since I was in the vicinity of ITO complex, Udupi Cafe came out as a strong choice. The brand name sounded promising enough to lure me into visiting it.

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Never stop sharing

IMG_7888 (1).jpg

Sometimes I am thoughtless, tired and I don’t know what to write. I feel like sharing the image without a description.

However the story teller in me kicks in, makes me want to write something descriptive. But then I realize, what matters is that we are sharing with others. Maybe our sharing inspires them in one way or the other.

So why should I stop, even if I don’t have anything to write about it. I should just share and let it do its work.

Pictured here is the Isa Khan’s mosque inside the Humayun’s tomb complex in New Delhi.